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Oct 14 2013

The Voice USA 2013 Spoilers: Meet Team Cee Lo (VIDEO)

Reblogged from - By Todd Betzold

I think one of the more unrespected coaches on The Voice USA Season 5 is Cee Lo Green. During the Blind Auditions on The Voice USA 2013, the singers always seem to go Team Adam for some reason during the four-chair turnarounds. Adam Levine has a way of sweet-talking his way to winning them over, but then Cee Lo Green seems left with the misfits. I think Cee Lo has done some great things with his artists on his teams and has collaborated with them, so singers should consider him more and more! With that being said, let’s look at Team Cee Lo before the Battle Rounds begin tonight below in our The Voice USA Season 5 spoilers! For the Battle Rounds, here are the artists representing Team Cee Lo on The Voice Season 5: Kat Robichaud Caroline Pennell Jonny Gray Cole Vosbury Anthony Paul George Horga Jr. Juhl R. Anthony Keaira LaShae Lupe Carroll Shawn Smith Tamara Chauniece For this team, there are some names that we never really saw during the Blind Auditions. There are some names that stood out during their auditions too, like Caroline Pennell. She sings at summer camp and had that awkward, shy thing going on and I am so intrigued to see what Cee Lo does with her! Kat Robichaud is so strong on stage, so I want to see more of her performances as well. Check out Team Cee Lo analyzing each other before the Battle Rounds tonight in our The Voice USA Season 5 spoilers video below: Do you think Team Cee Lo has the winner of The Voice 2013 Season 5? Join us tonight on Reality Rewind for our The Voice USA Season 5 Recap. Let’s watch together and see who went home on The Voice Season 5 tonight! Subscribe to our  and  or like us on  and follow us on Twitter for all our latest updates. Start Sociable Sharing is Caring End Sociable googleadsectionend INFOLINKSOFF Subscribe to Reality Rewind updates on Facebook, Twitter, Email, & RSS

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